What is the cost of translation at Nord Translation?

We can not give you an accurate cost at this time. There are some factors that we take into consideration before giving you an actual price.
Usually we charge for per source word (the text that needs to be translated into a target language). The following factors determine the final price:
● The number of source words
● The level of complexity (is it a general translation or a technical document).
● The field of expertise, i.e. an engine manual, or a legal document, or a website translation, or a software localisation, etc.
● Deadline for the final outcome, i.e. it is urgent/no, I can wait for a week for 5000 words document.
● Is the file editable or a scanned document?
● And any additional services such as formatting, text composition, proofreading/editing, additional writing, etc.
But you don't have to think much or guess. You can simply fill the form or contact us through any other means listed on our Contact Us page. You won't be disappointed.

What is your usual delivery time/timeframe?

Our translators are capable of translating approx. 2000 words per day. Although this is the normal word count a translator can handle a day, but there are other factors that can reduce the speed as explained below:
● The number of words that need to translated
● The level of complexity, if any.
● Formatting of document (our translators love the Word or Excel document with editable text, without any formatting - hence a faster delivery time).
● If you already have a TM (Translation Memory) and can provide us, it speeds up the translation.
● Whether the text is straightforward or needs research - if it needs research, it will consume some of the translator's time hence an extended delivery time.
Whatever is the case, we request you to get in touch with us and ask for additional information. We are here to assist you.

How many languages do you work with? Do you work with the language combination I need?

Despite the following listed languages, we would love to assist you with whatever language combination you want.
Besides Nordic languages, we provide the translation and localisation services in the following languages:
● English to Danish and vice versa
● English to Norwegian and vice versa
● English to Swedish and vice versa
● English to Icelandic and vice versa
● English to Finnish and vice versa
● English to German and vice versa
● English to French and vice versa
● English to Dutch and vice versa
● English to Spanish (European and North American) and vice versa
● English to Chinese and vice versa
● English to Italian and vice versa
● English to Japanese and vice versa
● English to Portuguese and vice versa
● English to Greek and vice versa
● English to Arabic and vice versa
● English to Russian and vice versa
● English to Polish and vice versa

What kind of text can Nord Translation handle? Can you translate my text from a specific industry?

Nord Translation can provide translation service in some areas that are listed below. Please note that this is a common list of expertise. If your text does not relate to any of the industry listed below, you are requested to write to us with the industry as we might be able to assist you in that regard, finding a suitable translator either from our own database or reach out to a qualified translator.
● Automobile industry
● Annual report
● Advertising
● Business
● Computer (Software and hardware)
● Commerece
● Contracts (Law - Patents - Trademark - Copyright)
● Education
● E-commerece
● Electronics
● Engineering
● European Union (EU)
● Fiction : Poetry & Literature
● General
● Gaming localisation
● Food and Drink
● Furniture/Household appliances
● Gastronomy
● Government/Politics
● Health Care
● IT (Information Technology)
● Marketing
● Medicine
● Machinery
● User manuals/Guiding manuals
● Programming
● Printing and Publishing
● Real Estate
● Software
● Surveying
● Telecommunications
● Tourism and Travel
● Web/Website Translation & Localisation

Does the price cover proofreading after translation of my text?

Although our translators make sure that the final file they deliver is error-free, it can, however, contain some mistakes and errors. For that, we encourage our clients to consider translation plus proofreading packages. This makes sure that the final deliverable is error-free and ready to be used.

What is the price match?

If any other translation company is charging you less than what we charge, we will match that price for you and even reduce a bit further for you to switch to our services - no ifs and no buts (please provide the official details from other companies in order to qualify).

Can you handle any kind of file extension?

Actually we would love to have an editable MS Word and MS Excel file as it makes easier for our translators to translate on these formats. But we also accept other formats such as: .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .ttx,.odt, .csv, .zip, .xml, .wps and many more.

Do you provide any other service other than translation and localisation?

Yes, we also provide proofreading/editing as well as writing services for any of the above-mentioned languages. We want to stick to only these services to lessen the burden on our translators which, in turn, makes them concentrate in doing what they do the best - Translating and Localising.
Didn't find the answer to a question you had in mind? Please get in touch with us through any of the listed means of communication on our website and we will get back to you with an answer - ASAP.
Please provide at least 12 hours outside office hours for a reply.
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